IMG_20160405_205344I’m Ben Amunwa, barrister, legal educator and founder of

I help people to live, work and thrive in the UK. My expert legal advice can save you or your organisation precious time and money. I also provide training in the law to lawyers and non-lawyers.


Since 2013, I’ve met an amazing variety of clients as a business and public law barrister at the 36 Group.

My cases have involved some of world’s largest companies, professionals facing prosecution, destitute refugees on the margins and high-net worth individuals at the top. My skill set covers commercial and public law.

I started this site in January 2016 to write about the law in a readable way and to keep my learning up-to-date.

Law can be bewildering even for experienced lawyers, not to mention clients. That’s because it is becoming increasingly complex.

Almost everyday I guide my clients through legal proceedings. Where possible, I try to resolve matters early, but if legal action begins or is already underway, I can see it through.

My career has been diverse. I bring a wealth of experience from my decade in the charity sector. I’ve performed theatre with homeless persons, given television interviews on Times Square and ridden around oil-rich deltas in speedboats full of scientists. (I’m still undecided on what was the most terrifying experience…).

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