Welcome to my testimonials page where you will find feedback from clients, Judges and others who have first-hand experience of my legal advocacy, advice and training.

I needed to find a barrister as a matter of urgency to assist me in a racial discrimination claim against my former employer. When I saw Ben’s public profiles I knew his values aligned with mine and that he would be the perfect person for the job. I was lucky that Ben was able to take on my case and the speed at which he got to know my complicated case was extraordinary. He was compassionate during what was a traumatic period for me and very patient despite my clear lack of knowledge as to the tribunal processes or the law. He was meticulous and his calm and reasonable manner helped to refocus me at times when I needed it. Despite being extremely busy, Ben was always responsive and through his hard work I received very positive results for my claim. The outcome far exceeded what I had imagined, and I have no doubts that this would not have been the case had I not found Ben. 

Angie, Employment law client (17 December 2021)

I will never understand how on earth Ben absorbed so much detail… In cross-examination of the other side’s witnesses, Ben very artfully led those witnesses to make admissions that they had avoided. He blew their case wide open, making them admit that they should have taken steps to retain data, that they should not have deleted electronic data. These were witnesses at the top of the organisational chart.

Farzana Saiyed, Employment law client (30 November 2020)

Thank you Ben for your excellent work on our behalf! Your advice at every step was highly professional and competent. It was very reassuring to know we had your help. We have received a positive outcome very quickly!

Lily, Immigration client (November 2020)

…The tribunal went well and we all thought the counsel Ben Amunwa was excellent. One of the points to mention is that he produced a clear ‘skeleton argument’ document that was referenced and supported our case.

Principal Educational Psychologist at a local authority (April 2020)

…thank you to Ben for your really excellent support.

Florence Brocklesby, Principal solicitor and founder of Bellevue Law (April 2020)

…you have been a tremendous support in terms of everything – expertise, tactics, reliability, flexibility and understanding at such difficult time for everyone. You are a complete pleasure to work with and there is no way we could have achieved the result so far without your help. You are my go-to employment barrister. Thank you so much.

Victoria Misselbrook, Senior Consultant solicitor at Bellevue Law (April 2020)

Thanks for all your work so far, and in getting to this so promptly, it has been a pleasure to work with you.

Frances, public law solicitor (April 2020)

… On 26 July 2019, we heard oral evidence from the appellant and his mother. Closing submissions were subsequently made in writing by Mr Jarvis and Mr Amunwa. We also had their written skeleton arguments and Mr Amunwa’s Note of 26 July 2019. We commend the quality of their respective submissions.

… As a result of Mr Amunwa’ s detailed and helpful analysis, as set out in his third skeleton argument (12 July 2019), it is common ground that the appellant did not acquire British citizenship by reason of the fact that he was adopted by a British citizen…’

… We bear in mind, in particular, the strenuous efforts made by Mr Amunwa, in his post-hearing submissions, to persuade us that the appellant’s evidence, and that of his mother, was in general plausible.

President Lane of the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) in MS (British citizenship; EEA appeals) [2019] UKUT 356 (October 2019)

Mr Amunwa has provided a very helpful, detailed skeleton argument, which I also take into account.

First-tier Tribunal Judge Iqbal, (September 2019)

Ben was incredibly helpful with my application for the settled status.
My case was complex and Ben walked me through the process, coaching and reassuring me every step of the way. He was dedicated and had a perfect command of the law.
With Ben, I found the legal representation I was looking for.
He is a solid lawyer and practices nothing but the best customer service and the highest ethical standard.

Catherine, direct access immigration law client, (September 2019)

Ben Amunwa has been an indispensable support during a protracted negotiation with another party in a lengthy case. He is professional at all times, very responsive, knowledgeable and his advice was always clear and concise. Ben is a pleasure to work with and his calm attitude has helped resolving the matter considerably.

Christian, direct access technology and employment law client (August 2019)

The adjourned hearing was heard by the present constitution of the Upper Tribunal on 7 May 2019.  By that time, the parties had each served a number of  skeleton arguments, speaking notes and applications.  We found these documents  of considerable assistance, supplemented as they were by the oral submissions of  Mr Jarvis and Mr Amunwa…

There is, we find, considerable force in Mr Amunwa’s submission that, in the case of the claimant, there was no material benefit to him in applying for permission to appeal against the decision of the First-tier Tribunal judge…

President Lane of the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) in Smith (appealable decisions; PTA requirements; anonymity) [2019] UKUT 216 (July 2019)

I would like to say a big Thank you to Barrister Ben Amunwa for his support and detailed, professional analysis and presentation of my case. He came up with a new line of defense for a new home office application that no other Solicitor i had used; had ever presented to me.

Mr Ben gives you all the facts of what the case is and advises you according to your decisions which is very rare as he lets you think about the options, the obstacles and what wins might arise. He was never pushy as i have experienced that from solicitors i have used in the past.

He was extremely patient and had my interest right from the start, encouraging me to take action on required strategies. He was honest and encouraging especially when i felt there was no way out.

He knows a whole lot about the law and especially in my case immigration. He covered every corner of my areas of worry relating to my application and on reading back his drafted supporting statement, my confidence and faith just grew.
For those that are spiritual, he has a positive energy about him, i felt at peace the first time i met him for my consultation and knew from then that am half way through the battle.

He is professional, articulate and means business.

Catherine, direct access immigration law client, (January 2019)

I found Ben’s work to be exceptionally detailed. He invested the effort to understand my case and his hard work made a big difference.

Ben is an approachable and competent professional to be trusted. Happy to recommend him!

Halima, direct access immigration law client, (October 2018)

Ben advised and assisted me in a long-running and complex employment dispute, from its emergence to its successful resolution, which could not have been achieved without his help.

Ben’s work was excellent throughout: he provided clear, accurate advice on the legal implications of the dispute, readily explaining the practical implications of different approaches to it and responding quickly to requests for additional advice and work.

Particularly impressive was Ben’s correspondence with the other party – his letters were very clear, asserting my position in robust terms without being unduly provocative, and were always grounded in an authoritative assessment of the relevant legal context.

Most of all, a very difficult dispute was made manageable because Ben evidently had my best interest in mind throughout. My wife and I have had the benefit if Ben’s assistance twice now and would not consider working with anyone else.

Ralph, direct access employment law client, (October 2018)

I throughly enjoy your posts, and especially your immigration based ones.

Charles Davidson, Solicitor, Bishop and Sewell LLP (July 2018)

Thanks again for your awesome content!

Theodora Elias Hadad, Lawyer and Juriste (July 2018)

I love your videos! It’s so wonderful to see a lawyer who isn’t ‘just’ about law.

Leah Steele, Solicitor and life-coach (July 2018)


What is especially refreshing are the topical videos – they are informative, yet easier to engage with than most educational webinars!

Karen Purdy, Solicitor, Purdys Solicitors (June 2018)



Ben is a very approachable barrister who is not only just commercially savy but has a great understanding in connecting with Solicitors. He is often at the frontline in providing updates in law and tips for complex case. Overall, I would highly recommend instructing Ben in his areas of expertise.

Shaheen Mamun, Solicitor (November 2017)

Having worked with Ben on matters relating to Tribunal and judicial review cases, I find him to be very approachable and responsive to queries, regardless of time and day. Ben has provided a high standard of service and work to my clients and they have provided excellent feedback in return.

I highly recommend Ben as I would instruct him again in the near futute.

Phong Ma, Solicitor (August 2017)

Ben is extremely knowledgeable and is an expert in immigration and judicial review cases. Approachable and very efficient.

Sabina Angeli, Solicitor (August 2017)

I instructed Ben on a very complex and high value property fraud claim heard before the Royal Courts of Justice. I can truly say that Ben’s performance as a Barrister was exceptional. His attention to detail, and forensic preparation of the case was clearly demonstrated at the Trial. Ben’s confident approach, despite the complexity of the case, assured myself and our lay client that he was a true professional, and exceptional talent. Despite being a busy Barrister, Ben always made arrangements to be accessible for conferences or discussions regarding the case. His attitude of working with his instructing Solicitor is very much a team orientated approach. This professional approach to the case was truly of great value and significantly attributed to the success of the case. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ben, and I look forward to working with Ben on many more matters.

Salmaan Islam, Solicitor, North Ford Solicitors (April 2017)

We instructed Ben Amunwa on an LGBTI asylum claim appeal for an elderly gay man from Jamaica. My client had been refused asylum by the Home Office on credibility grounds. Basically he had not been believed by the Home Office whatsoever. From the start Ben could not have been more helpful, discussing the case even prior to receiving formal instructions. Once instructed, Ben was very thorough and grasped every nuance and detail of the refusal letter and my client’s case extremely quickly. He was very accommodating in arranging a conference in his chambers prior to the hearing. At the conference we went over the case in detail and Ben made helpful suggestions for further evidence. He was also able to make proposals that we had not thought of, and that really assisted, such as requesting that the tribunal treat my client as a vulnerable witness. I considered that my client was thoroughly and very well prepared for the hearing. Ben’s skeleton argument was precise and set out my client’s case succinctly and precisely. At the hearing, Ben’s approach was calm, completely authoritative and utterly persuasive. At the end of the hearing, judgement was given on the day and asylum granted. In future, I will instruct Ben for immigration appeal hearings whenever I can.

Michael Ferguson, Solicitor, Cardinal Hume Centre (April 2017)

In all my years of experience dealing with Immigration Law, I have never come across an exceptional barrister such as Ben.

In fact, it is through LinkedIn that I was impressed by his knowledge and experience and so I decided to approach him to assist on one of my long standing cases; due to the sensitive and complex issues in my client’s case I felt very strongly that Ben was the man for the job.

Once a pre-hearing conference was arranged for my client to meet in Chambers with Ben, right from the outset I found Ben to be very understanding, experienced and sensitive to the issues. He really did go that extra mile.

Thanks to Ben’s exceptional input, research and preparation for the case, the Immigration Judge not only allowed the appeal but more shockingly the HOPO admitted that there were no flaws at all in the evidence and legal argument. Not surprisingly, the Home Office did not appeal against the decision and my client finallygot his visa!

I would highly recommend this amazing and highly experienced barrister and, wherever possible I would instruct him for hearings.

A Big THANK YOU to you Ben. You are a truly unique and down to earth barrister and an asset to the legal profession!

Christina Panayiotou, solicitor (March 2017)

Mr Amunwa acted for my partner at an immigration tribunal appeal. Despite us instructing him at short notice he thoroughly prepared our case and was absolutely amazing at Court. He is very professional and helpful. We would highly recommend him as an immigration barrister.

Nicole Mitchell, immigration client (December 2016)

Mr Amunwa submitted that the decision maker was well aware of the educational position as well as the accommodation position, was well placed to assess the interaction of the two, and did so in a manner that was rational and beyond criticism… I have no hesitation in accepting those submissions.

Mr Justice Kerr (August 2016), R (SC) v London Borough of Ealing [2016] EWHC 2765 (Admin)

I would just like to thank you for your empathetic support coupled with your professionalism and expertise when you represented me in negotiating the successful outcome of my case last year.

I would not have had the strength to see the case through to the successful conclusion without your support during what was a very very difficult time for me.

Vicky, employment client (2016)

Ben is a polite and approachable barrister who I find will always give a few minutes of his time. He has a profound insight into complex matters, particularly in relation to legal policy implications in areas to do with the Home Office. His emerging writing is incisive and understandable for a lay person which is important in a field where vulnerable adults are involved.

Sameen (2016)

I commend the application that has been made on behalf of the Claimant for its clarity and realism.

HHJ Nicola Davies QC in the High Court (2015)

I met Ben Amunwa at his London office 3 days before the hearing and it was very reassuring to know that he had gone through my case and understood it from my point of view. His calm persona and his questioning on the details of the case gave me the confidence that he was on my side. I was particularly impressed with his style of questioning the witnesses and also how well he made references to the bundle… In their final decision the panel found me ‘Not Guilty’ of unacceptable professional conduct or conduct that might bring the profession to disrepute. They found the allegations malicious and false. This outcome would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Ben Amunwa’s professionalism, thoroughness, style of questioning and attention to detail. I cannot thank him enough for all his efforts and can definitely say that he is very good at what he does and is highly recommended by me.

Ryan, regulatory client (2015)

Ben’s clear advice was invaluable in helping me resolve an employment matter. His paramount concern was to obtain a satisfactory outcome for me whilst ensuring that I incurred as little expense as possible… As a result of his expert advice, I actually avoided going to court altogether, for which I am extremely grateful.

Kate, pro bono civil / employment client (2015)

This was my first experience of being involved in anything legal and one that I will never forget, thanks to your sheer professionalism, thoroughness and ability…

Darron, employment client (2015)

I would like to take the opportunity to distinguish the excellent work of Benjamin Amunwa. Ben’s work on my case and the subsequent letters written provided me with a very speedy response and one in which all my terms were agreed. Ben clearly outlined case law with regard to my situation. The level of service provided throughout my claim was beyond my expectation. I was very impressed with the level of support I received and a commitment to excellence that was shown. I would highly recommend Benjamin Amunwa for his level of professionalism and dedication.

Mark, art law client (2015)

It would have been totally impossible for CORE to do this without Ben Amunwa and Banyan SOAS Advocates and we are massively indebted to them for the huge amount of work that they put in. Thankfully it was all done pro bono so we’re not literally indebted to them.

Coalition for Corporate Social Responsibility (CORE), pro bono information law client (2014)

I am writing to let you know about the day of hearing on 15th of August 2014. Mr Ben studied my case well and put all the necessary information together to make the grounds stronger. Mr Ben put all his effort into my case and pushed it forward to the end. I especially thank you, the Bar Pro Bono Unit, who help me in my crucial time when I was struggling with my two kids and nobody came forward to help me out and a special thank you to Mr Benjamin Amunwa who guided me all the way to the end.

Abdul, pro bono immigration client (2014)