Employees: protect your rights at work.

Treated unfairly in the workplace?

Feel discriminated against?

Talk to a specialist employment barrister today.

Employment law is complicated. When you’re facing a workplace dispute, you need to know exactly what your rights and how to protect them.

You can save time and money by going directly to a specialist employment barrister for straightforward and accessible advice.


I can help fight your corner by:

  • Providing rapid and reliable advice on your employment rights;
  • Negotiating with your employer or their representatives to resolve a dispute;
  • Helping you bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal or civil Courts;
  • Drafting legal documents setting out the detail and value of your claim;
  • Representing you at preliminary hearings, trials and appeals.

Why choose me?

  • Clients value my accessible and professional manner;
  • +4 years of employment law expertise;
  • Fought some of the world’s largest corporations and government institutions;
  • Represented unions and workers in a wide range of sectors;
  • Acting for employees and employers gives me a well-rounded perspective. I often know what to expect from the other side;
  • Experienced at handling sophisticated witnesses (including solicitors and chief executives) at trial.

The best bit?

You stay in control of your legal costs.

Where appropriate, my fees are fixed and I won’t charge you by the minute or by the hour.

Once we agree a plan setting out your legal strategy, you will know exactly what tasks you are paying for, before I even start working on your case.

For more information, please contact me using the button below or call the 36 Group on 0207 421 8000.