Professional discipline

Where careers are at stake, solid legal support is a must for both regulators and professionals.

Regulatory law is complex. It is driven by government policy and developed daily by the Courts.

It requires expertise to enforce or defend. 

Go directly to a specialist regulatory barrister for rapid and reliable expert advice.


I help a range of clients in the legal, healthcare and education sectors.

I can support you through the entire regulatory process with advice, strategy and robust representation.

Why choose me?

  • Handled highly sensitive cases that have received national and local press coverage;
  • Skilled and knowledgeable across diverse sectors, with particular strength in the education, healthcare and legal sectors;
  • Able to assist on complex cases;
  • Familiar with tribunals and High Court hearings;
  • Forensic analysis of the evidence;
  • Supportive and sympathetic manner.

For regulators, my chambers is able to agree to flexible fee schedules.

For individuals, I can agree a plan setting out your legal strategy,  so you will know exactly what tasks you are paying for before I even start working on your case.

For more information, please contact me using the button below or call the 36 Group on 0207 421 8000.