Quite a lot, actually.

And to mark two years since it was introduced in immigration appeals, I’ve made a handy table summarising all the key cases on it.

[UPDATE: Version 4 of the Table (23 March 2017) is now available here.]

The idea is to provide a tool for practitioners, caseworkers and interested claimants to get a quick overview of the key developments in this increasingly complicated area.

Your feedback is welcome. It’s a work in progress.

I will aim to update it as significant clusters of new cases become available. All should be read in combination with the existing Article 8 case law (both domestically and from the European Court of Human Rights).

Happy reading!

Posted by Ben Amunwa

Founder and editor of Lawmostly.com. Ben is a business and public law barrister with the 36 Group. He gives expert legal advice on employment, immigration and commercial disputes to a wide range of clients.


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  2. My daughter is nearly 7 year old.We can apply after 7 and how long processing time Thanks


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