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La Concha, Spain.

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I’m away on holiday this week with my family. We’re in Spain. Ironically, this has led to me blogging more than I have done for a little while.

Let me explain…

August was a punishing month. I can’t remember the last time I was that busy. (That chest-paining-teeth-grinding-sleep-depriving kind of busy). It required some sacrifices and my online presence was one of them.

I have a few posts that I’d like to write before officially returning to work next week. Other than that I won’t be around on social media as much. Or I shouldn’t be.

There’s been a lot going on recently alongside my legal work.

I’ve been collaborating with my cousin and designer, India Wright of Géométrique, to brand my blog / website. The new and bold visual identity is coming soon and having seen the final images, I’m very excited about launching it. You can expect to see the newly themed and branded site up soon. (I will be asking for your help with any bug-fixes).

I also have plans to develop some training packages via webinars (working with colleagues at the 36 Group). Plus it’s about time I started using video on here.

Taking some time out has given me the chance to reflect a little on my legal practice, where I’m going and where the blog fits in, or doesn’t.

This is my 86th post of 2016.

That isn’t bad given that most of my posts are of significant length, cover a range of topics and are written around the sometimes frayed edges of quite a few other commitments.

When I started out, one of my fears was that I would soon run out things to say and the whole thing would collapse in on itself. The reverse is true.

The difficulty is that I’m doing all this for free. I don’t have a salary to absorb the time and energy it requires to flourish. My blog is basically a hobby with a professional slant. It’s great as an outlet, but not very good as a business model.

That needs to change.

And so gradually I will be gearing the site to allow you to purchase select trainings, publications and legal services provided by me and my colleagues. The purpose is to try to ensure that the site covers its cost and generates a modest income.

Although the methods may change, the ethos will remain the same.  I *promise* not to crowd you with adverts for designer furniture and shoes.

I’m still committed to enabling everyone to access and understand the law as far as possible, commenting on cutting edge legal developments and opening up what I do for a living to scrutiny and debate.

I’m looking forward to it.

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Founder and editor of Ben is a commercial and public law barrister with The 36 Group. He gives expert legal advice on employment, public law and commercial disputes to a wide range of clients.


  1. Wow. Super exciting changes coming up-am looking forward to them. Now if you don’t mind…kindly return to your hols. Muchas gracias. 😉


    1. Thanks Sam, will do! 😉


      1. Great! Hope you get a chance to have some churros y chocolatè while you are there Ben. 😉

  2. Benjaminwilliams 7 September 2016 at 10:53 am

    I thought you were cooking something up Ben! Seriously, sounds like a great idea and I’m sure the materials will be well worth the price. Good luck!


    1. Cheers Ben. Now I just need to make it happen.


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