Using data supplied by the website, below are several graphs illustrating the main changes in fees for visa, citizenship and other applications made in the UK and from overseas. The new fees apply from 6 April 2017.

For access the full data set, go here.

The overwhelming trend is upwards, with rises in fees across the board for many of the more common applications. In the bar charts below, the old fees from 2016 are in blue, the new fees from 6 April 2017 are in red. The dot graphs show percentage increases. Many of the rises amount to 20 to 25% increases on already eye-watering fees for most individuals and their families.

  • Indefinite leave to remain applications made in country will cost £2,297 (up 23% from £1,875 in 2016);
  • Leave to remain – ‘other’ applications will cost £993 (up 22% from £811 in 2016)
  • Settlement applications for ‘other dependent relatives’ made outside the UK will cost £3,250 (up 21% from £2,676 in 2016).

There’s been no change in the fees for EEA residence documents, life in the UK test and administrative reviews, among others.

Changes to some standard visa / applications:

Increases to Optional Premium rates:

The year-on-year rises are normally brought in around mid-March but were slightly delayed this year. The steep upward trend from 2016 continues.

Here’s hoping that there will be a proportionate increase in efficiency and competent decision-making…


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