I’m delighted to share with you an interview with Jamila Duncan-Bosu from the Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (‘ATLEU‘). ATLEU have been involved in many of the leading cases in this area and have unparalled expertise and practical experience in seeking justice for trafficking victims.

In this 15-minute interview, we discuss the:

  • Ground-breaking work of ATLEU;
  • Protections available to victims of trafficking in a hostile environment;
  • Importance of compensation claims in the Employment Tribunal and civil courts;
  • Life-changing impact of acheiving justice in modern slavery cases;
  • Brexit and it’s likely impacts on trafficking survivors;
  • Recent developments including on limitation law and special measures.

For those interested in ATLEU’s work, I highly recommend that you visit ATHUB, their new online resource for practitioners and advisors working with trafficking survivors. ATHUB is free and includes plenty of tips and guidance on compensation claims, immigration, and claims to and against the government. I found it an essential resource when I was writing a chapter on modern slavery in my ebook with the Law Centres Network, called Supporting Migrant Workers.

It was an absolute pleasure to shoot this video. If you enjoy it too, please share it with your networks.📲👍


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