I published some video clips of my talk with the Black Men in Law Network, entitled All About Pupillage: applications, training & how to impress.

Thanks to the 36 Group for hosting.

The videos cover my views on pupillage application strategies, work/life balance, BME (or BAME) experiences and my own journey to the Bar. I’ve elaborated more on these themes over on Instagram and LinkedIn. This may be of interest to aspiring lawyers out there.

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If you’re still interested to see more video clips, check out my YouTube video where I remember what it was like doing my first case, back in 2014.

Posted by Ben Amunwa

Founder and editor of Lawmostly.com. Ben is a commercial and public law barrister with The 36 Group. He gives expert legal advice on employment, public law and commercial disputes to a wide range of clients.

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