Below are 142-pages of slides accompanying my training with the Law Centres Network on migrant worker discrimination. The slides are up-to-date as of 28 June 2018 and contain unseen bonus content on the recent outcomes in Tribunal cases against Hermes and Pimlico Plumbers in the UK Supreme Court.

View or download the slides using slideshare below.

The full course, Supporting Migrant Workers, is in 4 parts:

  • Migrant rights: looking at international, regional and domestic sources of protection for migrants in the casual labour market;
  • The gig economy: discussing who can access basic employment rights;
  • Illegal working: a guide to a key part of the UK’s hostile environment policy, which restricts certain migrants from working; and
  • Modern slavery: setting out the anti-trafficking legal framework and key domestic case law in this rapidly evolving area.

You can also access the full e-book, Supporting Migrant Workers, by signing up to my email list here. Enjoy! 😀

Posted by Ben Amunwa

Founder and editor of Ben is a commercial and public law barrister with The 36 Group. He gives expert legal advice on employment, public law and commercial disputes to a wide range of clients.

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